08/02/22 Lower Body Give Up Day

Ended up cutting this workout short due to feeling sluggish. I know a lot of people talk about going into the gym and getting it done even when they feel like crap, and I'll admit, I used to be that person too. I don't follow that approach anymore. If I had a long tiresome day, didn't get enough rest the night before, or I was off on my nutrition and hydration for the day, I will likely still attempt to train, but I'll know within a couple sets of my main work whether this training session would be better pushed back for another day. Like most people, I write my workouts within a 7 day block, but I have no issue taking an additional rest day when I need it and complete my training for the week within a 10-day block instead. Obviously, when I'm in competition prep I work more closely to my plan, but in the off season, I find very little reason so push myself into an injury. Instead, Ill rest and live to train another day.

5 Minute on Bike

Tri Set

Single Leg RDL w/ eyes closed - 3x5 each side

Back Extensions w/ head rotations- 3x16

Deadlift from floor with 135- 3x3

Was supposed to be deadlift from floor 5x3 @ 525

What happened was 2x3 @ 525 and completely giving up on the first rep of the third set

Walked around for a minute deciding whether I should do a little something extra or just call it a day. It was 1130 at night and my body was tired and needed sleep. I listened and called it a night.

They can't all be winners, but training is a cumulative and If I want to stay in this game a while longer its better to dip out of one workout instead of getting injured and missing hundreds of workouts.

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