08/04/22 Strongman Day/Correctives

Because of my schedule I may be transitioning into a 3 day a week training cycle. My work schedule is going to be crazy until after Christmas and Instead of forcing a 4th workout Id rather stick with 3 quality training sessions and get some extra sleep instead of staying up until midnight on 4 hours of sleep to get an extra training session in.

My strongman days, for the time being, are more about conditioning, practicing implements, and correctives instead of throwing up heavy weight.

5 minutes on bike

Banded dislocates- 3x10

Band Pull Aparts- 3x20

Pallof Press w/left hip inside head rotated right- 4x20 second hold

Single Arm Sandbag Throws w/eyes closed- 3x1 each arm

Kabuki Shoulderok with r hand on bottom only- 4x10

Circus Dumbbell - 2 reps Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes- 7 Rounds on left arm, 3 Rounds on Righht Arm

Stone Extensions w/ Pause at top- 3x3 @ 240# First time touching stones in over a year. Need to work on form


SSB Front Squat to Box- 3x5 @ 260#

Sandbag Carry- 3 x 100ft @ 180#

Pistol Squat to Bench w/ LEFT foot ONLY externally rotated - 4x8 Reps -Completed these until my right knee began feeling better. Total Motion Release Technique

10 Minute Walk

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