08/13-14/22 Strongman Training/Deload Upper

Missed posting yesterday so first up is the strongman training from yesterday. I wanted to hit a heavy circus dumbbell, but my arms were shot from work and I only went up to a couple of singles at 130. I also found out my circus dumbbell was 12 lbs lighter than what I was originally told. I didn't weigh it myself until yesterday.

Very Fast warm up- Had a birthday party to go to with the family so had to rush this workout after I got off work. I generally wouldnt do that but my schedule is forcing me to at this point.

Circus Dumbbell- Worked up to 130 for a double

Yoke Picks- 5x3 @ 760lbs

Yoke starts- 3x4 @ 670 lbs

Front Box Squat w/SSB 2 second eccentric- 5x5 @ 290#

15 minute walk

Deload upper

5 Minutes on bike


Vestibular Work

3 Rounds

Band Dislocates- 3x10

Band Pull Aparts- 3x10

Back Extensions- 3x10

Single Arm Bag Throws- 3x2

Push Jerk- 3x5 - Barbell Only

Banded Mobilizations for shoulders- 3x30 reps

Push Jerk- 3x3 @ 185#

Incline Bench Press- 3x10 @ 185#

Close Grip Bench Press- 3x10 @ 185#


Pull Ups- 3x10

Rear Delt Flys- 3x12 @ 30#

15 Minute walk

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