7/25/22 Event Training Day

I generally don't do my event training day at the beginning of the week but this week the way my schedule works out Ill be training late at night and will be unable to train outside to complete the strongman event training.

This is the first week of a 12 week block I have put together to increase my general strength for strongman training.

If you have any questions about my programming post a comment below and Ill respond as soon as I can

Warm Up

Total Motion Release

Rotation 4x20 RIght

Standing Leg Raise- 2x15

Vestibular Training - 10 Minutes

5 Minutes on Bike

Tri Set

Back extensions 3x15

Band Dislocates- 3x10

Band Pull Aparts- 3x20

Super Set

Sled Push Pull 3x100ft

Suitcase Carries 3x100ft alternating grip at 50 ft

Super Set

Single Arm dumbbell Press- 3x10 (each arm)

Bag Throw- 3x3

Main Sets

EMOM- Every Minute on the Minute

Circus Dumbbell -10x2 all on left arm @ 100lbs

Yoke Picks

3x5 @ 690lbs

Keg Carries

5x100 ft @ 150lbs

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