7/30/22 Pump/Upper/Accessory/Mobility Day

Today I'm getting a little extra volume in my upper body since pressing is my worst event. I was planning on doing z presses by themselves but when I went to do them I was so stiff I needed to do some additional TMR and was still having a hard time getting a good position. Instead of loading the z press I added it into a giant set that helped pump blood in my low back, free up my hips, and gain enough mobility in my thoracic that by the 3rd set my z press was finally feeling "ok"

5 Minutes on Bike


Vestibular Work

Giant Set

Band Dislocates - 3x10

Back Extensions w/ y raise- 3x20

ATG Lunges w/shoulderok overhead (weight on opposite leg forward- 3x25

Z Press (Bar only)- 3x10


Close Grip Bench Press- 3x10 @ 185#

Banded Face Pulls- 3x20


Incline Barbell Press w/2 second pause- 3x10 @175

Band Pull Aparts- 3x20

15 Minutes of additional mobility work/foam rolling/breathing exercises

Mowed the lawn (I count this as cardio as I generally do a minimum of 2 - 15 minute walks a day but today I did one walk in the morning and mowed the lawn in the evening instead of the walk.

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